Today’s Cute Puppy

when you and your love being a long distance love and one day you come visit to…

Lilly the fox red Labrador.

🐶🐾 | via Tumblr en We Heart It.

10 Week Old Jack Russell
Special thanks to Kortney for sharing Charlie with us! Sooooo cute ! :))
Special thanks to all our followers, and their AWESOME submissions!! :-)
Dear Jade: thanks for one of the MOST adorable things I’ve seen ALL WEEK! :)
Super cute follower submission!!
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When we first brought Magnolia home she was terrified of grass. She’d been kept in a cage her whole life and had never set foot (paw) on it.  One day she realized that if she laid down, the grass would be warm and soft on her belly.  That was the day she didn’t move for 8 hours.
I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Dan Barrs… we thank YOU!!! OMG cute! :)
This is Alfie, our rescue. He is a 14-week-old golden retriever mix :)